Now that the dust has settled from 2020, both parties are looking back to inform strategy for the midterm elections and beyond. The data is clear — the shift away from the status quo of centrism to full-on base mobilization has come to fruition.

As polarization has increased, more and more swing voters have sorted into a party. Swing voters are now estimated to be the smallest portion of the electorate in recent history, which has led campaigners to look elsewhere for support. …

My personal mental health system, built through lots and lots of therapy.

I can’t remember the first one, but they eventually started happening so often that I could no longer ignore the pattern. They had always taken place every few months but it wasn’t until just after my 27th birthday that the condition evolved from a minor inconvenience to a profound crisis.

It started subtly. Panic Attack seemed like too strong of a term. Mental images of inconsolable patients and theatrical breakdowns came to mind from TV. Though my episodes of irrational stress were intense and inescapable, typically things came to pass quickly, and I had learned to cope.

Weathering the storm…

Devin Whitaker

Devin is a progressive data geek in Brooklyn, NY.

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